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Please follow our studio policies to ensure your child’s safety, progress and positive experience here at Laura's School of Dance.

Dance is a Parent-Student Physical Art. Parents must be present and active in a dancers pre-professional career. This is particularly true for DANCE TEAM members. We have a bulletin board that should be checked bi-weekly and notes being passed out in-studio often. Please try your best to keep up with all new and changing rules.

Please try your best to ensure your child is in class on time. There are no refunds on classes missed; however you are welcome to come in another day & time to take class. Please notify the directors if your child will be absent. In the event of an extended illness or other unforeseen circumstances, please contact the directors.

Weather-Related Cancellations
All Cancellations and or Delays will be posted on the facebook page, our instagram and on the local radio stations. 


Class Behavior
We want all of our students to have an enjoyable and educational dance experience. We will treat you and your children with courtesy and respect. We expect our students to show the same attitude toward their teachers and fellow dancers. We request that your children observe the following simple rules:

* Pay Attention to your teacher – Don’t talk with your friends during class! It disrupts the whole class and makes it difficult for the teacher to communicate with the students. Meet your friends before or after class for social fun

 * Do not pull up on or hang from the Ballet Barres, please! They can be pulled from the wall or you can get stuck in them. Barres are for balance and support. 

*Come prepared to dance – attire, grooming, attitude, ambition, energy!

Classroom Etiquette
Students should arrive with sufficient time to change and begin class on time.

 If students need to leave before the end of the class, they should notify the teacher before class begins. 


All dance team members on our Recreational Dance Teams & on our Travel Dance Teams are required to sign a Dance Team Handbook. This handbook is updated each season and lays out clearly the expectations for each member in all aspects from lobby behavior to competition rules.


As employees of Laura's School of Dance, teachers have the responsibility to see that their class is under control, and they have the authority to dismiss any student who will not cooperate and is a disruption to the rest of the class. Inappropriate dress or behavior will not be allowed. No gum, food or drinks will be permitted inside the classrooms during class.


It is important for parents and students to understand that dance class is not the same as your grade in school. Nor do you dance from 8am to 3pm Mon through Friday. In most cases, the class will progress as a group but not all the time. Every child will be challenged in each class to compete against themselves not others.


Please be sure to review the registration form and waiver thoroughly for a complete list of our policies. If you or your dancer is on one of our dance teams, please also check with the front desk at any time to look it over. All dance team members must sign and understand the Handbook in order to be apart of competition classes.

Your children are a reflection of you

good manners and proper etiquette are always expected

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