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REGISTERS FOR 2018/2019 CLASSES ON AUGUST 9, 3:00-5:00   OR    AUGUST 22, 5:00-7:00


Laura’s School of Dance

Mailing Address: N4745 White Lake Dr, Montello, WI 53949

Class Location: 201 E Albert St, Portage WI 53901

Current students should register now! Schedules will be based on current student requests!

Laura’s School of Dance will begin their fall session on September 10, 2018. You will receive your class schedule when you pay your first term fees on August 9, 3:00-5:00, and August 22, 5:00-7:00. Choose a 2, 3 or 4 payment plan with the first payment being due on or before August 22.

You do not re-register for classes. Your classes automatically carryover.

We have our annual spring recital in May. More information will come on dates and such later. Our recital is a dance production like no other and is the best around! Costumes for the spring recital will need to be purchased by November 6. There will be a Christmas performance for the residents of the Divine Savior Nursing Home in Portage and you will NOT need a costume.


PRE-BALLET (3-5): Focus on ballet and jazz fun. This class is strongly recommended to foster coordination skills, introduce terminology and develop rhythm. 30 minutes

PRINCESS BALLET (3-6): Must have a love for Disney princesses. Your child will enjoy dress up, crafts and games in addition to learning basic ballet and novelty jazz skills. Disney princesses will periodically visit the class and participate in activities 30 minute class

JAZZ/TAP COMBINATION CLASS: (ages 5-8) A 45 minute class where the dancer will spend ½ the class learning jazz technique and ½ the class learning basic tap techniques. You will need both pairs of shoes and 2 recital dances..

TRIPLE THREAT: (ages 8-12) 1 hour class offering ballet, tap and jazz. 3 separate routines will be performed in the recital. You will need 3 pairs of shoes.

BALLET 1, 2, 3 (6 AND UP) The most intricate form of dance. Ballet requires concentrated study and dedication. Poise, grace, coordination and flexibility will be emphasized along with music appreciation. 30 minute ballet 1 class, 45 minute ballet 2 and 3.

BALLET TECHNIQUE-45 minute class- No recital routine, Focus on ballet barre and technique for the entire season

POINTE: Teacher permission only 45minutes

MUSICAL THEATER: This class will study Broadway dance and dance styles used on Broadway. The focus is on Broadway musicals, old and new! Our instructors introduce song and choreography into dance techniques and styles.

CLOGGING: Ages 8 and up .A type of folk dance in which the dancers footwear is used musically by striking the heel, the toe, or both against the floor or each other to create audible percussive rhythm’s.

TAP (AGES 6 AND UP) Students learn coordination, rhythmic variations and performing skills through a series of tap combinations. Fundamentals of tap are developed and rhythmic awareness is introduced and expanded upon 30 minutes

HIP HOP/JAZZ POP (AGES 6 AND UP) This class is an ideal way for students to express their style and creativeness. Hip hop is comprised both of rigid and relaxed isolations. Its movement contains both high and low impact footwork that provides a fun healthy work out and a loose free range of motion that improves flexibility. A course which explores a variety of jazz dance techniques focusing on the development of coordination, flexibility, balance, strength, correct body alignment and rhythmic perception. Dance combinations are performed to demonstrate technical ability at all skill levels 30 and 45 minutes

CONTEMPORARY/LYRICAL (10 AND UP) CONTEMPORARY dance is a dance style that centers on a dancer’s own interpretations, emotions and moods. A characteristic of modern dance in opposition to ballet is the deliberate use of gravity. Whereas classical ballet dancers strive to be light and airy on their feet, modern dancers often use their body weight to enhance movement. 45 minutes

FLEXIBILITY (8 AND UP) This is a 30 minute class to work on flexibility issues and techniques such as splits, extensions, back bends, leg holds. Exercises will be given and light yoga will be used. No recital routine at the end of year with this class.

TURNS AND LEAPS (10 AND UP) This is a 30 minute class to learn and practice new turns and leaps and brush up on skills of those already known. Abdominal focus will take place, as that is where all good turns are developed from. There will be no recital routine at the end of the year with this class.

TUMBLING TRICKS FOR DANCERS-AGES 9 AND UP-You must be able to do basic tumbling skills, such as splits, cartwheels, sommersalt, before enrolling in the class. You will learn different dance tricks, that are tumbling based, they can be used in conjunction with dance movements.

**DRESS CODE: Students are asked to follow a dress code that reflects professionalism and discipline allowing teachers to see body lines and make appropriate corrections. Ballet students are asked to wear a leotard and tights and have hair pulled neatly into a bun. Ballet skirts and knit warm up shorts are optional. Other dancers are asked to wear form fitting clothes including jazz pants, leotards and/or tight fitting tank tops. Hair must be pulled off of the dancers face and appropriate shoes must be worn. No jeans or skirts (other than ballet skirts)

*Inclement weather policy: All weather postings are posted on Portage radio station 100.1FM after 12:00pm. Also posted on our facebook page.


Be sure to check our facebook page for weekly and current updates!

FEE’S are based on a yearly cost, but are broken down in to terms as a convenience for you. They are not equal weeks. You are responsible for the total amount due once you register.

Credit card payments are accepted with a 4% service fee.

Due dates are: August 22, January 10, March 7. If you are on the 2 plan option eliminate March 7.


AFTER APRIL 29, 2018-$20 registration fee per dancer or $25 per family is due with registration form.

5% DISCOUNT for a full year payment by August 9, 2018.

5% DISCOUNT for multiple students from the same household if received by August 9, 2018.

+ ONLY 1 discount per household-discounts may not be combined. No discounts after August 9, 2018

30 minute class: $100 per term based on a 3 term plan - $150.00 per term based on a 2 term plan-$290 on a full year

45 minute class: $125 per term based on a 3 term plan- $180 per term based on a 2 term plan-$350 on a full year

45 Minute jazz/tap combination class: $140 per term based on a 3 term plan - $205 based on a 2 term plan-$400 based on a full year

1 hour Triple Threat class: $155 per term based on a 3 term plan- $230 based on a 2 term plan-$450 based on a full year

RECREATIONAL DANCE TEAM: $280 per term based on 2 terms- $560 on a full year--1 hour, plus an additional production practice monthly, and extra practices as needed (2 term option preferred). 1 additional 45 minute class is required for technique for team students. 2 local regional competitions required. Summer lessons required. Dance season ends at the recital

FRESHMAN TEAM IS THE ENTRY LEVEL YOUNGER TEAM: $185 per term based on 2 terms. Class meets once per week for 45 minutes and dancers compete in 2 regional competitions. Dancers compete in the large production, with additional monthly practices. 1 additional 30 minute class is required for technique. Private and Semi private lessons will count this season at freshman level only. Summer lessons required. Dance season ends at the recital

TRAVEL TEAM: $530 PER TERM based on 2 terms- meets twice a week for 1 hour each night and extra practices as needed (2 term option preferred). A 45 minute ballet class and 1 additional 45 minute class of your choice is required for technique for travel team students. 4 regional competitions required and 1 Nationals. Summer lessons required. (Season runs until nationals, meeting once a week after the recital.) .

MINI TRAVEL TEAM $400 per term based on 2 terms-meets twice a week, and extra practices as needed. A 30 minute ballet class is required, and 1 additional class at 30 minutes minimum. Summer lessons required. (Season runs until nationals, meeting once a week after the recital)

TAP TEAM: $180 Per term based on 2 terms. You must be enrolled in a tap class. The tap team will compete at 2 competitions minimum. You must be on a competition team above.

-------Please check her if you interested in competing. Instructor will place students in appropriate levels. In order to excel in competition an additional technique class will be required for all teams. Entry fees will be required. Travel team must take 2 additional classes. Travel team will hold separate meetings and requirements later in the season.

--------Please check here if interested in solos, duets or trios. These classes will be charged a special rate and will only be offered if time and teacher availability allows. Students MUST be registered in an additional class. These classes are only scheduled before 5:00pm or at the end of the evening.

Please select payment option: It is your responsibility to pay by the due dates listed above.

Full_______ 2 term______ 3 term______

Dance Team option only-additional due date is October 12. 4 term_______

Dancer Name______________________________________

Parent Name________________________________

Address__________________________________ Zip ______________home # ___________________

Cell#______________________________Email______________________________________Dancer birthdate__________________________

Please list all classes dancer is registering for: (specify 30 or 45 minutes) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

_________________________________________________________________________________________Previous years taken____________

Lesson Time: What day and time can you NOT be scheduled?_____________________________________________________________________

I understand that Laura’s School of Dance reserves the right to refuse instruction to anyone not abiding by Laura’s School of Dance policies.

I understand that Laura’s School of Dance studio is not responsible for lost items, stolen items or unclaimed items.

I understand that all adults and dancers must act appropriately at all times or an immediate dismissal may occur.

I understand that Laura’s School of Dance Studio performances are videotaped, photos are taken periodically, and may be used for archival and/or promotional purposes.

I understand that all fees are non-refundable.

Parent Signature_____________________________________________


Solo’s, Duet’s, Trio’s and special groups

The above classes will meet every other week during the first term, and then every week during the second term with the dancer that was opposite of you.

You have the option to compete or just do the routines in the recital. It is your decision and you must inform your instructor.

You have the option of selecting your own instructor, music and costumes (with instructor approval) for the above classes.

All choreography is that of the studio, therefore any performances for functions outside of the studio must have permission from the studio owner, Laura Genord.

When the studio is on vacation you do not meet. You keep the rotation going as if the week never existed. (Example: if you meet the week before the break you will have 2 weeks off so the person you alternate with will go when we return from break)

You are required to take an additional class with any of the options above. Dance Team and Travel Team are not included as the additional class.

Any student wanting additional private lessons can purchase them at the hourly rate of $50/per hour.

Videotaping is encouraged in the first term, and additional practices on your own are necessary.

Studio rental is available for practice time only to the people enrolled in the above classes.

Fees are based on 2 terms:

Solo-1 routine: 300

Solo-2 routines-425 (During the same time slot)

Duet-230 per person

Trio-200 per person

Special groups of 4 or more people $185 per person

All fee’s are non refundable and are required for the entire year, even if the above class is dropped.



Duet with__________________

Trio with___________________

Special group with_______________________

Parent Signature_______________________


Parents are not allowed in the dance room during private lesson time!