Portage, Wautoma and Berlin 

Private tumbling and gymnastics lessons are available!


Rising Stars Youth Class

TUESDAY 5:00-6:00PM                       Beginner Level 


This class will help build self-confidence and coordination skills, as well as, flexibility.  You will learn the basic fundamentals of tumbling and flexibility. These classes are fun and exciting and great way to prepare your young child for the next level, while developing coordination skills.

No skills needed to enter this level



Shooting Stars Youth Class  

 TUESDAY 6:00-7:00PM                        Basic and Intermediate tumbling skills

This class will continue to build self-confidence, body strength, coordination, and flexibility.  It is designed to continue the fundamentals of tumbling and flexibility, and begin to branch beyond the beginner level into the intermediate tumbling level.  It will prepare students for the next levels of advanced tumbling and flexibility.  Shooting Stars classes will be fun and exciting and a little challenging! This class will also be a great training tool for dance, cheer, and gymnastics.

Skills include-handstands, bridge kickovers, handstand forward rolls, round offs, and splits

*Suggested (but not required) pre-requisites include; forward and backward summersaults, cartwheels and bridges. 


Super Stars Class  

TUESDAY 7:00-8:00 PM                             Intermediate and Advance tumbling skills

This class is designed to take tumblers to the next level. We will always strive to promote self-confidence, strength training, coordination and healthy fitness practices. This is the highest level of tumbling class. It will be fun, exciting and very challenging!! We will focus on sharpening fundamentals and advancing tumbling and flexibility skills.  This class is a fantastic way to give students an opportunity to practice tumbling as an independent sport, as well as provide an opportunity to give students an edge in other sports and recreation such as dance, cheer, and gymnastics. Skills include-front walkovers, back walkovers, one handed cartwheels, front handsprings, back handsprings, aerials

*Pre-Requisites include; a solid round off, cartwheel, bridge kickovers and handstand. 







You must re-enroll for each session.

Instructor:  Heather Fries of Portage WI





Fee’s: 8 Class Session-1 hour=$95  Class meets at specified times above.   

Private Lessons (1 on 1)= $40 per 1 hour class

Semi Private Lessons (2 students) = $60 per 1 hour class

Drop in class=$15

3 Students per class=$75 per 1 hour lesson

Full payment to LSOD must accompany form

Private, semi private and small group lessons will need to be scheduled separately with Laura










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A waiver and release of liability must be signed prior to your first class.



Private and Semi-Private lessons are catered to the individual students. Lessons will be based on skills already

possessed, combined with goals set for and by the individual student, their parents/guardians, and instructors. One on One attention for your student offers an advantage to learning and provides an opportunity for more rapid growth in their tumbling and flexibility.

Private and Semi-Private Tumbling Lessons may also be geared toward other sporting and recreational needs as well, and can be very useful for students with reservations toward larger group activities and classes. Please contact Laura for more information! 

Forms also available by emailing:  [email protected]